About Us

Hello! …… At ‘I Used To Be A Pallet’, we upcycle pallets into repurposed products. We convert pallet wood into various products in these categories : Art, Bathroom, Commercial, Furniture, Interior Decor, Kitchen, Miscellaneous, Novelties, Outdoor, Seasonal Decor, Storage, and Workshop.

As friends of the environment, we endeavour to keep pallets out of the landfill by:

  • Utilizing the majority of wood from a pallet to repurpose into new products.
  • Using end cuts to heat homes.
  • Utilizing saw dust in gardens.
  • Donating nails to the Habitat for Humanity metal recycling bin.

And if that wasn’t enough fun, we like to make things out of cedar as well!

All upcycled and cedar products for sale locally in Victoria, BC, Canada

Email us at: IUTBAP@gmail.com